Fighting for Human Rights with Clever Campaign

We are all aware of our basic human rights on liberty, equality and happiness. Also the freedom of speech and freedom of association. It has been guaranteed to us with the State of our country and in case of someone trying to take those rights from us, we have very strong reaction which is caused by our evolutionary instinct to fight for our survival and existence. It is in human nature to fight whenever our rights are threatened. But human nature isn’t always politically correct. We will stand up for ourselves, when situation is alarming. However, when the circumstances are different and we are not the ones that are threatened, it seems that we are forgetting the horror that is happening to other people in other parts of world. It is not out fault that life in this capitalism era is not letting us to stop for a second and think what is happening around us, but it is a fact that our problems aren’t the biggest spoken from global point of view.

This is what Walker Agency for Amnesty International is trying to tell us with their clever campaign called “Not Here But Now”. They are putting posters all over the Switzerland of people whose rights have been taken from them and there is no one to help them. The situation is alarming and we have to see that. Their basic needs for food, water, shelter and safety are denied and our awareness of that is on disappointing level. The clever slogan “It is not happening here, but it is happening now” and the picture of desperate people are shown on the most random places of the city such as bus station. The ads portray issues in countries like Iraq, China, and Sudan.

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