The Power of Paint and Makeup – Surreal Portraits by Alexander Khokhlov

The creator of “Weird Beauty” series in which the models were dramatically painted in black and white, has now came up with the idea of capturing women and men as surreal versions of themselves. This Russian photographer is back with artistic color in projects 2D or not 2D and Angry Birds projects which are both part of photographer’s comprehensive Art of Face series. Alexander Khokhlov discovered photography in 2007 and he was first interested in live photography but he discovered his true talent and potential when he became interested in fashion and beauty photography. In the Art of Face project, portraits are featuring intriguing applications of face paint and makeup, so it is almost impossible to recognize the face of a model, but for sure it is possible to understand what the application represents.

Khokhlov is working with makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan and retouching expert Veronica Ershova. The team work between those three artist has shown an amazing result. Combination of an amazing photography, interesting makeup and careful retouching is what makes Art of Face so much interesting. The inspiration for this project comes from pop art, paintings, two dimensional posters, comics, pixelated images and cartoon characters from sketch and graphic arts to water-color and oil-paintings, where Valeriya Kutsan has shown her true talent by using different techniques of face painting. This is how Alexander Khlokhov sees his art: “Everybody is a field for experiments and I don’t know what would be next.”

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