Behind the Scenes of Elgin Park, a Retro City of Optical Illusions That Relies On Forced Perspective

Here’s a fascinating video about how photographer Michael Paul Smith creates and photographs Elgin Park, a 20th century town created through miniature 1/24th-scale models. Smith mixes his carefully crafted model sets with die-cut automobiles and real-life backdrops, taking advantage of an optical illusion known as forced perspective. The photos have been a massive hit with the internet, racking up over 70 million views on his Flickr account alone.

The photographer recently sat down with documentary director and producer Danny Yourd of Animal to discuss his significant personal challenges and life experiences that are now the driving force behind his photography. He is preparing to publish a new book called “Elgin Park”, which is available now for preorder. Everything in each of Smith’s scenes was made by hand – well, everything except the 1/24th-scale diecast car models. Danny Yourd wanted to give the world a glimpse of the brilliant mind behind the images, so the publishing group interviewed Smith and captured some behind-the-scenes footage of projects coming together.

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