Unforgettable Celebrity Movie Transformations

Some movies require actors and actresses to wear costumes or to apply basic makeup to take on a specific role, or even to change their hair color or lose weight. We have seen celebrities shed off their glamorous skin and almost magically transform to give life to some of cinema’s most unforgettable characters. Here is collection of some amazing celebrity transformations that rocked Hollywood in past few years.

Brad Pitt – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Charlize Theron – Monster

Christian Bale – The Machinist

Eddie Murphy – Norbit

Emma Thompson – Nanny McPhee

Eric Stoltz – Mask

Gwenyth Paltrow – Shallow Hal

Heath Ledger – Batman: The Dark Knight

Jim Carrey – The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

John Leguizamo – Spawn

John Travolta – Hairspray

Mike Myers – The Cat in the Hat

Rebecca Romijn – X Men

Robin Willimas – Mrs. Doubtfire

Ron Pearlman – Hell Boy

Tom Cruise – Tropic Thunder

Vincent D’ Onofrio – Men in Black

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