Honest Slogans Says Out Loud What We Really Think of Companies

Viktor Hertz, known for his previous work “Honest Logos“, shifts his focus to a similar subject where he takes famous companies and redesigns their slogans to better represent the companies aims. Hertz is a freelance graphic designer and artist. He was born in Uppsala, Sweden, in 1983. This artist has worked with clients from USA, Brazil and Italy, and has won several awards and had exhibitions around the world. The projects that made him popular and interesting in online world are “Honest Logos” and “Honest Slogans”. The inspiration for these projects is the difference between how consumers see companies and how companies wants to be seen.

Companies invest lot of work in designing their logos and slogans so they can be recognizable by the quality they represent. The logo is a face of the company and it has to be designed properly. Unfortunately, some of the logos represent much more than the company really deserves, and makes us value the companies products and services much more. So, Hertz made these funny and ironic slogans for companies to show what they really represent. He is taking those logos and undermining them by replacing the companies slogans with something a bit more honest. It represents how consumers might actually see the company, for example, the Pepsi slogan reminds us of their constant battle with Coca Cola, or the consumerism personalized in brands such as Nike is with slogan “Just buy it”. These hilarious and clever slogans could actually help us when choosing which company we decide to trust.

Hertz leaves no one organization to his mercy as he pokes fun at business ranging some of our favorite or less favorite companies.

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