The Beauty of Time Passing Captured Through Objective of Zed Nelson

Documenting life events has always been something that we do. Before cameras, people would write diaries, and now in technological era, we are trying to capture as much as we can, so we could remind ourselves on the important things in life. That was exactly the idea of this many times awarded photographer. “The Family” is project that shows the beauty of growing and changing through years. He was taking photos of the same family for 21 year and showing that there is no reason for being afraid of getting old, and the importance of family in that process.

This is what he said about his project: “I began this project 21 years ago. The wife of a friend was nine months pregnant, and I had an idea – based on time-lapse photography – to photograph them together, on the same day every year, forever. I planned the shoots in a formal, almost scientific way. Every year, at the same time, against the same backdrop, under the same lighting. This way there are no distractions, only the miracle of growth and the changes of time and age.” These changes are obvious, and you can actually see the atmosphere in this family through the years. On some of the photos they are smiling, some of them shows change in their mood, but one is for sure, they all reveal the importance of being gathered around even if it is just once a year for a family photo.

There are very few things in life that are more important than family, and that is what this project is about. Zed Nelson is British photographer and his work is recognized all over the world. Many prices and awards are profs of his hard work. His previous projects had the same approach on the social issues as “The Family”.

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