The Coolest Dad In The World Turns Lunch Time Into Adventure

Despite all the negative informations we are exposed to every day, there is always this one thing that can make our day. Usually those are little things that makes us smile and give us strength to continue with our day. Jurgen Steenwelle is aware of the importance of those moments and thats why he deserves the award of the coolest dad in the world. He is the father of two lovely girls and they are probably the happiest kids in the school during the lunch time. Their lunches are much more fun since Jurgen started transforming their food into pieces of art.

He wasn’t content with simple messages on the white paper sayin “i love you” or “good luck today”, instead, he started drawing funny doodles on the skin of bananas just to make his girls smile. Each illustration requires true effort, but this dad doesn’t mind spending some time so he could show his kids how much he cares. So here you can see some bananas transformed into airplane, cute puppy that you might even feel bad about eating or surprisingly realistic ducks and penguins. Also he pays so much attention on details, that’s why Spongebob Squarepants or Bart Simpson looks so amazing. He is one talented father that loves to make his girls smile and probably other kids in school thinks he is pretty cool dad too. What a lovely way to spend your time and make others happy!

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