There Is No Way You'll Be Able to Find The Camouflaged Snipers In These Photos!

We spend all day staring at pixels, but really, just how good is our vision when it comes to noticing the small details in photographs? German artist Simon Menner created an interesting photo series that features military snipers’ remarkable ability to blend into their environment, producing images that appear to be simple landscape shots until you look close enough to spot the barrel of a gun.

“I found it quite interesting to work with soldiers who had been ordered to follow my instructions,” Menner said. “I tried to be as respectful to them as possible, but nothing of what I told them was questioned in any way.”. Let us know how many of the eight you got right (no cheating!):

The sniper is on the right behind the piece of wood on the ground next to the second tree.

The sniper is under a moss cover behind a small tree with a bent trunk on the left side of the image.

The sniper is under the left side of the birch tree.

The sniper is straight up from the big boulder in the lower left corner, where the color of the stones changes from light to dark.

The sniper is on a small hill close to the edge of the forest on the right side of the image.

The sniper is on the right of the path inside the small bushes.

The sniper is under the twigs and branches on the left.

The sniper’s muzzle is visible on top of the two big boulders in the lower right corner.

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