Partying with Celebrities Have Never Been Easier Thanks to Photoshop

You are probably a little jealous at this guy, since he has been invited to the celebrities private parties, he’s been caught by paparazzi with his best friends Beyonce and Jay Z and, also, he enjoys the attention of Kim Kardashian. Although Beyonce is his best friend, there is something going on between those two, and Jay Z can’t hide his jealousy. Rihanna doesn’t mind his affair with Beyonce, she likes him anyway. Kanye obviously has a problem with him, since his beloved Kim can’t take hands off this guy. The most amazing part is that, Patrick Thorendahl, better known as PeejeT, manages all that without even leaving his room.

The photos of him with numerous celebrities are posted on his Twitter and Instagram account, so you can be updated about his fabulous life every week. The amount of photos of him enjoying with celebrities is impressive, except none of them are real. The creative photo manipulator has made series of cleverly photoshoped pictures where he invites himself to the celebrities events or their homes, and hang out with some of the most popular pop culture icons. The funniest thing about these creations are his face expressions and the moments he is captured at, like taking a texting break with LeBron James, or vacationing with Rihanna, and even getting into a tussle with Kanye West.

The creative hobbyist comically tweets: “I have zero real pics of myself. If I were to die there would be pics of Nicki Minaj’s buttcheeks resting on my forehead at my funeral.” Let’s just hope this will never happen, and that PeejeT will continue to make us laugh every week as he did with these series.

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