Have You Ever Been This Addicted to Your Computer?

Geeks have always been heavily dedicated to whatever they are interested in. Their way of achieving goals is to go for it and never stop. If someone were to tell them it’s impossible, they simply don’t listen. It’s like they are immune to the negative thought patterns of the ordinary world. However, if you think it’s an easy path, you are ultimate wrong. It has been proven time and time again that dedication can easily lead to addiction. If am not talking about the addiction of different kinds of substances, but merely the abuse of an idea that has to come true. I have scoured the Internet for such situations, even though some are of course fake, to somewhat shed some light over what I mean.

What’s the longest stretch of time you’ve actually sat down at your computer and not gotten up? For me I think it was a 18 hour stretch where I think I nearly fainted when I stood up 🙂

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