Most Annoying Kinds Of People You Are Likely To See At Concerts

Everyone enjoys a good live show. You get to see the act that you’ve listened to on your ghettoblaster or have seen on television and you get to see them share their craft live on stage. You’ve waited weeks for your favorite band to plant ground in your sleepy hometown. However, from all those hundreds or thousands of people in the audience there are certain types of people you’re more likely to see who will probably ruin your show. These are probably the top 9 most annoying people you’ll definitely see at any concerts you go.

The Crappy Opening Band

I really don’t know if there’s a better way to start a list with the most annoying people at concerts than with the crappy opening band. Almost no one knows who these guys are and probably everyone wants them to shut the f*ck up and finish as soon as possible so their favorite band comes up. The opening band is usually shittier than you in music and it always makes you regret you arrived that early at a concert. You’ll probably blame it on a friend because he wanted to be there from the first minute and you’ll just hope your favorite band saves the day.

The Girl Who Knows Way Too Much About Each Member of the Band

This girl chooses any moment when there isn’t any music playing to “educate” everyone around her with unnecessary information about the band. She always refers to each band member by his/her first name as if they’re her close personal friends. She’s constantly telling stories about each time she’s met the band without being aware that the band is currently seeking a restraining order against her.

The Guys Too Cool to Dance or Sing

You’ll spot these guys easily in the crowd. They just stand perfectly in the same place the entire time and just observe how other people have fun, with their arms crossed and a smug look on their faces. They think it’s shitty to dance and enjoy a concert, they just talk crap about those who do. You’ll always see them in groups, usually just guys, sometimes even wearing sunglasses, even if the concert takes place indoors.

The Talker and The Whistlers

Actually, these might be two different types of annoying people at concerts but since they’re almost equally annoying I decided they should be together. These two are the types of people that always manage to ruin music for you. They either whistle when it’s clearly not needed or they just talk annoyingly about shitty topics when they should have fun instead. They talk for the entire time and you know how’s talking at concerts right? It’s more like screaming. So they scream to each other often, not in relation to the concert.

The Sweaty Guy Without A Shirt

Yeah, at every concert at some point you’ll notice a guy without a shirt. Since he probably danced a lot, he’s going to be pretty damn sweaty and for some reason he likes to move through the crowd continuously and manage to slime you. He looks as ugly as a rats ass but he feels really cool for taking his shirt off and enjoying the concert and he always leaves his snail trail all over the disgusted people around him.

The People Who Push

It will happen sooner or later at a concert. You can’t avoid it, especially if you’re somewhere close to the stage. If you’re there when your favorite band hasn’t taken the stage yet, you should just prepare for feeling like a sandwich because when your favorite band takes the stage, everyone will start pushing like they’re in a mad rush for free alcohol. There are also people who think it’s cool to start pushing each other in the middle of the crowd and somehow they always manage to push someone who doesn’t likes it and that’s how fights start.

The Super Fan Decked Out in Band Merchandise

Super Fans. They take band pride to an extreme with t-shirts of the band, hats, hoodies, patches with the band logo on on their jeans and so on. We understand you love the band but coming dressed like that to your favorite band’s concert is never the cool thing to do. Wait, there’s more. The super fans also know every song, every lyric of the song and they somehow sing the whole concert with their shitty voice. They even say the title of the song just before it starts and that’s more than enough to be annoying.

The Obnoxious Drunk Guy

We all get a drink or two at concerts but some guys don’t know there’s a limit for that too and just drink and drink and it gets worse. They’ll take their beer in the middle of the crowd and somehow manage to spill it on your best t-shirt, they’ll grope anyone in their sights and loudly shout at other people and at the performers like they could even hear them. When they’ll get pretty fucked up, they will just vomit somewhere, hopefully not in the middle of the crowd, but there’s always a chance you step in it when the concert ends.

The Huge Guy who Gets in Front of You

I don’t care how tall or fat you are. I understand everyone was mean to you and called you Godzilla while you were in high school but no one wants Godzilla in front of them at a concert. If you’re huge, the front row should be just forbidden for you. When I go to a concert I surely want to catch a glimpse of my favorite band and if a damn tall guy or a fat dude or heck… both is in front of me, all I can see is his huge back or empty ball-shaped head. That’s not great at all!

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