Google Knows What You Are Searching For!

Added on Dec 29, 2010 / Category : StrangeNews / Comments

Google seems to know a lot! We already knew that of course with all the data we've been handing over by using their services but Google now also used that exact idea in their latest ads. An agency in Istanbul Turkey created a set of mildy amusing print ads that play on Google's "Did you mean?" search feature.

Did you mean battleship?
The funniest of these ads features a shaggy sheep plodding through a warzone, with the tagline "Did you mean? battleship". Maybe this is some sort of Turkish-only thing because when I searched for battlesheep Google didn't bother to suggest an alternative spelling, instead it returned 100,000+ results. Clearly the Internet finds the idea of weaponizing sheep to be so very awesome.

Did you mean astronaut?

Did you mean jetlag?

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