Amazing Pictures of Wikileaks Server Bunker in Stockholm

Added on Dec 10, 2010 / Category : StrangeNews / Comments

I wondered to myself, "where Wikileaks keep all the data?" It would surely have to be pretty safe, and in a fairly "politically neutral" country. My first thought was a server lab somehow implanted into a Swiss bank account. It turns out I was pretty close. With his eccentric personal life and air of mystery, the flamboyant WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange seems to be doing his best to impersonate a James Bond villain. The servers are actually hosted by Stockholm based "Banhof ISP", a server lab located in a nuclear bomb shelter, situated 100ft under a rock mountain.

These amazing pictures where taken by swedish photographer Jann Lipka. I recommend visiting Jann's website, and blowing up the images to fullscreen.

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