Who Knew that Mother Nature Knew the Alphabet?

Have you ever tried to imagine what does nature contains that we aren’t even aware of? Imagine how many islands haven’t been properly investigated, how many animal species haven’t been discovered and how many colorful little creatures live on this planet that you have never took a close look at. This is what Norwegian photographer Kjell Bloch Sandved has to offer to you.

This talented photographer has devoted his life to the nature photography. He took amazing shots of butterfly’s wings and discovered that the Mother Nature knew alphabet before we even did. Bloch’s artistic eye is what makes these photos so much interesting. We all can find hidden meaning in something we are fascinated with, and that is what he did. He saw shapes of letters on butterfly’s wings and he was resistant in the idea of collecting all the 26 letters of Latin alphabet. Also, there is a really fun series of Arabic numerals form 0 to 9. That is what he named the “Butterfly Alphabet”.

He has been photographing different species of butterflies and moths, each with their own unique traits and patterns on their wings so the different letters of the alphabet are spread out in wildly different colors and styles. So here comes the very fun part: on his website you can order the print of the alphabet and even the print of words you would like to have made out of colors and shapes on butterfly’s wings. There is also a book entitled “A World of Butterflies” with text by Brian Cassie and photographs by Kjell Sandved and it is described as an: “features exquisite full-page pictures of 200 butterflies from around the world, accompanied by text that is authoritative and engaging, including essays on butterfly migration, butterflies and the environment, butterfly gardening, and watching and collecting butterflies.”

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