Top 5 Celebrities with Flying Phobia

Most of us have some kind of phobia. Your friend could be scared of puppies, while your coworker could have uncovered a reasonless fear of spiders. And I guess you are looking over this post right now simply because you also have some kind of phobia? In most cases fear and phobias are irrational, but unfortunately we aren’t ones who choose to have this kind of problem. Let we take

The Irritating

David Beckham

What is interesting about soccer star David Beckham is that he have not only Flying phobia. It also have couple more phobias and some of them are ataxophobia, an fear of disorder. Based on Beckham’s wife, Victoria interview, he sets up the clothes in the wardrobe by colors and also outlines up his drink cans inside fridge. Another bizarre phobia of this soccer star is ornithophobia; the fear of birds. Since David travels a lot from the USA in the UK we believe he found good treatment to overcome his flying phobia, since some of the magazines say he travels around 100,000 miles yearly with airplane. That’s about 4 trips around the world…

Lindsay Lohan

After seeing few of Lindsay latest pictures we can say she has much more problems than fear of flying. Buy, she is in some real freaky mess. She has alcohol issues, she had troubles with law, with taxes, problems with meth, cocaine, crack and who know what more kind of drugs. At the end, we hope she will find the way to overcome her flying phobia somehow…

Ben Affleck

On the Tonight Show with Jay leno, Ben Affleck revealed he have aviophobia. He also explained memory from childhood that can be trigger for this phobia. As he had been Nine years old, he took a flight to Washington D.C on his own … at this flight airplane got hit by lightning and the motor trapped burning. At this point the airplane was required to head in for an urgent landing. All of this scares the light out of little 9yrs old kid and these results in today’s fear of the flight.

Britney Spears

First singer on the list, Brithey Spears revealed her phobia on the Reality show that she made with her (ex) husband Kevin Federline. What is ironic about Britney’s fear is that in the 2002 she made music video for her single “Toxic” />

Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese is one of the most famous movie directors, producer and screenwriter nowadays. He get famous with movies Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and much more. Martin also has flying phobia, but he has to overcome it when he starts shooting of his movie “The Aviator” />

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