7 Stupid Things Women Say That Men Just Don't Get

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the differences in the way men and women communicate. After all, there have been entire television series and movies written about the communication differences between men and women.

I think it has to be said women have a very ‘unique’ way of looking at life and it’s problems, and i am constantly amazed at what can come out of a womans mouth. So what are the most popular things that women say that men don’t get? Hers is a list of my top 7 favourite statements of logic that have come from women I know.

Nothing’s Wrong

Translation: Hell yeah something’s wrong, and I want you to care enough to drag it out of me.

Oh my god, this is so classic. Guys, this article might be the holy grail for you because now that you know what those words really mean, you will know how to handle it when a girl says this. Beware, if it’s PMS that’s causing the “nothing’s wrong” you could be in for a long night. If you determine that’s the case, it might be best to retreat and just go to sleep. The words “nothing’s wrong” are often thrown out as the calm before the storm. Brace yourself. Sometimes the best thing you can do once that is said is just admit she is right and shut up.

Do I look fat?

Translation: I’m feeling a little insecure at this moment, so regardless of what you really think, tell me I’m beautiful and look crazy skinny in this outfit.

This is another classic girl question. Guys, trust me, never ever answer that question with what is really going through your head, which might be something like, “No, if you were fat, I wouldn’t be dating you” or “Hell yeah you look fat, what the hell have you been eating?” Instead, always look at her and give a compliment. It’s fast and easy!

I’ll just have a salad

Translation: I’m hungry as fuck and could eat two Big Macs right now, but I’m trying to be a lady.

She might just order a salad but that doesn’t mean she’s not craving a blue cheese bacon wrapped double cheeseburger with a side of onion rings smothered in full-fat ketchup. It’s more like she doesn’t want you to think she’s disgusting for eating solid foods. But eating salad when she really craves more will only lead her to eye-fuck your dinner until you offer her a bite.

I will get ready quickly. It will only take a second

Translation: Go take a nap. I’ll wake you up when I’m ready to go.

I don’t know what their problem is, but women can take freaking forever to do anything. Don’t get upset, just always have a plan B. For example, you could claim you need medical attention just so you can get out of the house. Or, if that doesn’t work, maybe you could solve the issue of global warming. Either way, just relax, you are gonna be there a while.

Do I annoy you?

Translation: I know I annoy you, but smile and be happy anyway, will ya?

Women annoy men. That is what they do. It’s like a law of nature of some crap. Everywhere you have a woman and a man who are not having sex, the man is somewhat annoyed. Bottom line ladies, let’s not ask this question, okay? It’s a weak insecure question that if we have to ask, we already know the answer.

It’s not you, I’ve just been really busy lately

Translation: You suck. Leave me alone. I’m trying to be nice to you.

I’m not trying to be harsh here, if they think a guy is worth it, they will do whatever they have to do to make time for him. Ladies, you know that is true, right? So the next time a girl tells you this, just know, she’s trying to let you down easy.

It’s totally cool with me if you hang out with your ex!

Translation: If she touches you, I will pluck her eyeballs out one at a time and make her eat them.

If you aren’t with a girl, there is no reason to be hanging out with her unless it’s at a party or a club where there are a lot of people. C’mon, if you are in a relationship, do it right 😉


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