Full Spectrum of Color in the Architecture

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This year an annual exhibition of contemporary art Miniartextil has exceeded all the expectations and caught attention of many art lovers. The theme was Agora, symbolizing an important public place in ancient Greece, where people used to gather and exchange ideas. So, the visitors were invited to involve in the art work not just to look at it. As part of Miniartextil the most impressive installation was Plexus no.19 by an amazing artist Gabriel Dawe. He is known by his huge transparent structures created out of brightly colored threads and his Plexus series. This one, the Plexus no.19 is an incredible installation that spreads across two balconies in the atrium of the early 19th century neoclassic house called Villa Olmo. This historic villa was vested by the municipality of Como in 1924 and today it is opened for cultural events and exhibitions.

"Because of the historic nature of the building, I wasn't able to touch ceiling, walls or floors to screw in my structures," he says. "So I resorted to fixing them to the railings, which in great measure restricted what I was able to do. In the end, it worked out pretty well, it really exceeded my expectations how well the installation inhabits the space." Plexus no.19 is a colorful rainbow made out of bright gradients of suspended thread and it is amazing to experience it from different angles or different times of the day. Dawe constructed this installation in about a week with his two assistants. Despite the geometric precision in this installation, it is fascinating to see how it becomes sort of amorphous clouds of floating color, so this colorful installation seem like fragmented rays of light frozen in space. One thing is for sure, seeing these on a computer screen hardly compares to seeing them up close.

inside rainbow

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