Bizarre Final Dinner Requests of Death Row Prisoners

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What would you choose for your last supper if you knew it would be your last? A British artist has recreated a series of bizarre meals chosen by genuine death row prisoners as their last food before execution.

James Reynolds filled orange prison-issue trays with some of the most unusual items the murderers asked for - like a single black olive requested by Victor Feguer, who was put to death for murder in Iowa in 1963 ...

... or an onion and two bottles of Coke, requested by James Hudson before he was put to death for murder in Virginia, in 2004.

James, from London, got the idea for his collection after reading a book that listed some American death row inmates final meal choices. He quickly set about finding out more about each prisoner including what crime they committed, where they were incarcerated and exactly what they asked for, "I was fascinated by why they were chosen and by whom", he says. He discovered they were allowed anything to eat as their last meal up to a 40 dollar limit. While none of these are my personal choices for a final dinner, it is interesting to see some crazy requests.

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