The Skelewags – Mischevious Street Art Characters

Most people would never look twice at an old, decrepit wall but then again this urban artist brings a Tim Burton feel to your local neighborhood by incorporating his “Skelewag” characters into the environment. Taking inspiration from pebbles, grass, water stains, and anything else he can find, Chewie lends us his imagination in those dark and dank places.

While the style may be something becoming almost cliche, after a fashion, taking pieces like plants and other environmental factors to tell a story is not only inventive, it’s a great way of turning the world around us into something interesting.

One thing that makes these pieces really strong, is the contrast between organic details in an urban environment that are absolutely unique and often have fine features, with black-and-white characters that enhance the scene. You’ll notice that he adds only a slight bit of shading to add perspective to the characters and a sense of where the lighting is coming from.

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