Scenes From The Best Picture Nominee Films Recreated Using Lego

Get ready to see those best picture Oscar nominees as you’ve never seen them before – in Lego form. Film fan Alex Eylar spends hours building Lego models of sets from films vying for an Academy Award. There’s a mini James Franco staring down at his severed arm, a tiny Natalie Portman looking terrified as her evil alter ego glares back in the mirror, and a frustrated Colin Firth attempting to give the king’s speech.

Alex explains: “I’m a movie nerd of the highest degree. If you watch enough good movies, you see scenes, shots, compositions, etc that you just have to try. Out of the scenes I’ve built so far, ‘Inception’ is my favorite. The rotating hallway was a neat challenge and a big visual payoff, and that’s the kind of thing I aim for.”

Toy Story 3

The Fighter

127 Hours

Winter’s Bone

The King’s Speech

The Social Network

True Grit

The Kids Are Alright


Black Swan

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