New Pencil Vs Camera Works from Ben Heine

Ben Heine is back with a new collection of imaginative art from his Pencil vs. Camera series. Just recently, Heine made few pieces for the Art Official Concept, an art gallery in Cape Verde, West Africa. The Republic of Cape Verde is an island country, spanning an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands located in the central Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Western Africa. Though tiny in area, the islands have beautiful landscapes including barren flats, verdant valleys, and a single volcanic peak whose slopes are streaked with rivers of frozen lava.

Though at first glance one might find Heine’s work simplistic (funny doodles placed in front of a background), it’s actually far from it. Heine melds his love and passion for illustration and photography to come up with pieces that stretch our imagination. His work is fresh and original and could only come from a person who truly experiences life – who appreciates the world’s varying landscapes and diverse backgrounds.

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