Inappropriately Sexy Ads

Sexuality has been employed in advertising since the beginning of advertising itself. Sexual appeals used in ads are of many types and consist of a variety of elements. They often are grounded in visual elements, such as attractive models, and may portray varying degrees of nudity and suggestiveness. Over the past two decades, the use of increasingly explicit sexual imagery in consumer-oriented print advertising has become almost commonplace.

Whether it’s good or bad – sexuality is considered one of the most powerful tools of marketing and particularly advertising. So when it comes to creating an advertisement and you don’t have too many clever ideas – always remember one general rule – sex sells.

According to Paul Lines, men are more likely to purchase a product that is advertised using a beautiful woman than one that does not. Similarly, men are more attracted to products that suggest they will enhance the man’s attractiveness to women. The reverse is also true. However, does this suggest an effect on human values or is it a natural and instinctive reaction?

Although many people criticize sexuality use in advertising, I really liked Mr Wiggles’ thoughts on that:

“Showing people sexual images cannot harm them. Rather it is just a manifestation of their desires. It is already what is motivating them to do things and already the only reason they would buy a product. Showing the image does nothing but enhance a connection that already exists in the human mind. So it cannot harm human values. It only shows a true representation of them. This is what scares people.”

And what do you think of sexual imagery use in advertising? Do you tolerate it?


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