Odd Portraits Made out of Different Banknotes

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Using the everyday objects in his art is what makes him different. He is questioning reality and with a few changes he is making it seem absurd. This French artist made us laugh again with his creative and amazing work. Philippe Pétremant made series of banknotes from different countries folded together, connected with paperclip to an funny portrait. Each one of the portraits is followed by the silly name for it, like, "joeux" or "timide", taking the irony on the new level. This mutation of portraits that we usually never pay attention to, is now showing at Festival circulation, at Parc de Bagatelle in Paris.

Portrait Made out of Different Banknotes
This project "The magnificent seven" ( "Les Sept Mercenaires") was made to entertain and to draw the attention on the unusual. The series is equal parts origami, collage, and photography. He begins with paper currencies from different countries, folds them is such a way so that only the parts needed show, then assembles the whole thing together using paperclips. Then he takes detailed, close-up photos of his work. Philipe is an amazing artist and have had public exhibitions since 2005. He was born in Lyon and that is where he likes to show results of his work the most.

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