Disney For Ladies – Princes And Heroes Take It All Off!

Sometimes you come across something so weird and odd that you wonder whether you should write about it or not. It’s that deep feeling that it’s just wrong. Maybe that’s exactly when you should write about it since you know people will probably find it either hilarious or disturbing, or maybe even a little bit of both. As you can imagine, for me to think that something is on the edge, it must be quite an intriguing subject, and this is. It’s so wrong that it actually gets really funny. It’s been done before, however slightly different. Barbie has had her rebel days, and the Disney princesses have had their playboy moments. But what about the heroes and princes of Disney? Well, as you will find out quite soon, their moment has come where they are showing you pretty much everything… almost!

Prince Eric

These stupendous and absolutely wrong pieces of artwork are created by the enormously talented artist David Kawena who seems to be able to depict the light in an almost unearthly realism. Some parts of these images really look to be photoshopped photographs, and that’s what I thought at first, but these are pure drawings/paintings. I might even go as far as saying that they are probably airbrushed.

No matter what you think about the skills, these should be something for you girls to dig into. I am sure you have your favorite among these, so let’s hear it. Are you a fan of the magic within Aladdin or the pre-historic behavior of Tarzan? The choice is yours. And for us guys, this is apparently how you have to look to be a prince or a hero :)))




Jim Hawkins

John Smith


Milo J. Thatch


Prince Phillip




Emperor Kuzco

Peter Pan


Prince Adam

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