Creative and Bizarre USB Hubs for More Entertaining Workplace

If you are a kind of geek who has with himself plenty of USB memory sticks, or you just have too much of the devices that are connected with your computer via USB port, then you have certainly already heard about the device that is called USB hub. However, not all the USB hubs are the same. We could say that there are two kinds of USB hubs, boring ones and those which are not so boring. Of course, no one wants to see the boring USB hubs so here you can see some funny and creative USB hub designs which could bring a bit of entertainment in your working environment.

Aphrodite Bust USB Hub

Pig Buddies USB Hub

Skull USB Hub


Transformer Laptop USB Hub

Cassette Tape USB Hub

49-port USB Hub

Glowing VHS Tape USB Hub

Super Kid USB Hub

Potato USB Hub

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