An Artist Who Literally Screw His Artworks

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Meet Andrew Myers, one of the most patient modern-day sculptors around. He starts with a base, plywood panel, and then places pages of a phone book on top. After that he draws out a face and pre-drills 8,000 to 10,000 holes, by hand. As he drills in the screws, Myers doesn't rely on any computer software to guide him, he figures it out as he goes along.

The young artist didn't always work with screws, the idea just came to him one day, while working on a church's bronze relief depicting the life of Saint Catherine. And, like most artists, once he got it into his head to work with a certain medium, he just had to find out if he could actually make it happen. It sounds like a screwy concept, but it turned out to be brilliant.

One of the most challenging parts is getting rid of the flat drawing underneath because he then has to paint over each of the screw heads, individually, so that in the end, the sculpture looks like an actual portrait.

Although Myers sells his work for as much as $35,000, he's not doing it for money. "This kind of art is unique enough that I have to keep going with it, but it's not financially the best for me. It takes a lot of emotion and effort." he said.

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