8-Bit Video Game Characters In Real World

Added on Jan 17, 2011 / Category : Photography / Comments

If retro gaming characters lived among us, it might look something like Aled Lewis' photographs. Aled Lewis injects some humor into his pictures by placing miniature 8-bit characters into actual settings. Most art-incorporated photographs Iíve seen are fairly serious, so it's nice to see that Lewis is taking the fun approach. Enjoy in these funny photos from E-Honda wrecking a car to Bowser cruising around on the beach.

"I hadn't intended for it to be a series but after I'd finished the Ski-Free Yeti walking in the snow, I figured it might be fun to put other iconic video game characters in real-life scenarios. As a kid I would become completely immersed in these crude pixel environments and they would seem very real! I thought it would be fun to try to capture that to express how gamers see these worlds.", Aled says.

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