Superheroes Reimagined As Urban Hipsters

Added on Jan 18, 2011 / Category : Art / Comments

Superheroes are supposed to strike terror into the hearts of bad guys everywhere. But if those superheroes were urban hipsters, well, there wouldn't be too much terror-striking going on then. Who cares? It would be FUNNY. Just try not to laugh at Emo Hulk.

Superheroes are no strangers to public makeovers. Sometimes the actor portraying a superhero changes every few years, while the visual effects that enhance another hero are upgraded with a new sequel. However, I'm not too sure any superhero could recover from a hipster makeover.

If you ever wondered what your favorite web-slinger would look like in full hipster mode, today is your lucky day. College Humor turned all of your favorite heroes into the self-conscious, anti-establishment personalities that are found creating new trends on every street corner.

Which are your favorites and what other superheroes would you like to see as hipsters? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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