Recycled Lottery Tickets Become What They Are Supposed To Buy

Added on Oct 15, 2010 / Category : Art / Comments

See your dreams dashed to the ground is an excruciating experience - especially, when you dare to dream big. Lottery addicts go through it so often. The art pair Ghost of a Dream, however, takes the burden of discarded lottery tickets off your shoulders and transforms them into such stuff that you always wished to own some day: Dream Car, Dream Vacation and Dream Home.

A full scale Hummer H3, which is worth $39,000 of lottery tickets, should humor the whims of any lottery freak.

It goes for the $70,000 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets "Dream Home" as well. Crammed with framed portraits, chandelier, area rug, a framed antique mirror, an ornate china closet, an antique clock and a statuesque candleholder, the Dream Home touts a mosaic quality.


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