Will Costa Return And What's Going On With Mason?

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After Chelsea vs. Hall game, one of the loudest plays from the start of new season, Chelsea became surrounded by rumors and talks involving key players and latest facts. Let's go ahead and see which key events have occurred during this period to make them absolutely clear for everyone.

Mason's skull fracture

Sunday, 22nd was very furious. Especially for Ryan Mason, who was injured during Hall-Chelsea play ended up by Hall's defeat with scores 2:0. Soon after injury resulted from clash of heads with Cahill, Mason was carried by Hall's medical servants from the field. After his departure to a hospital, Ryan underwent a single operation and the whole team is awaiting news about his conditions. Now it remains relatively stable but it is still not clear how the team will play without their defender. Even though main couch awaits quick recovery, it may last from a plenty of days to entire month, which is not good for Chelsea.

Unclear state of Costa contract prolongation

In the latest game with Hall Costa has shown that he still remains committed to his team proving that by the goal he scored. Although his contract expires in 2019 it seems still unclear whether he will sign a new contract or try something different (even return to Atletico Madrid). Antonio Conte suggest that for now their player will stay in a team, so the latest play has ended all speculation about one of lead strikers. Those who use bet football UK are watching every move in this direction because leaving of 52 scores' owner for Premier League can have a negative effect on games, which will follow.

Possible replacement of Costa
Now fans of Chelsea remain divided into 2 groups: those who think this team should retain Costa and those, who think there are no irreplaceable players. Those from a second group prove that by previous game Chelsea-Leicester. Although Costa didn't participate in this game, his team has managed to win with a 3:0 score. Most viewers think that this game seemed really tough without a key player but this was evident only during the final third. This is unclear, will Conte forgive the row with Costa even though the latest game with Hall because the team has already decided to views several candidatures instead of the lead striker.
Despite Chelsea being in an unsure situation about its key players, it is still on the top of Premier League rank with 55 points in full. A lot of fans and bettors are waiting for the next game with Liverpool to watch a new amazing game which will be on a 30th of January (even though no one knows will Costa play again or not).

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