Music On Your website: The Pros And Cons

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Website music is a slippery subject. While it might seem like a good idea to use some calm tunes that will play once a person visits the website, it’s highly recommended you give it much thought before you decide to do something like this. Most people don’t want any type of sounds playing when they visit a website. The worst possible thing you can do is to play a melody in the background without giving your visitor an option to turn it off. In 99% of the cases, the person will leave and never come back and that 1% will hate being on your website.

Music on your website
On the other hand, music isn’t always a bad option. If you don’t randomly play something to the visitor, having music on your website may benefit you.

Musicians benefit greatly from having music on their websites (as seen on Stephen’s website). They need to be able to provide their visitors with samples of their songs or full songs for a price. But they give the visitor freedom on what he or she decides to play. There aren’t any background noises that are annoying; only the musician’s music.
Another great benefit of using music on your website is if you host any sort of games. Music makes the games have more depth and people generally enjoy it. Just be sure to provide your visitors with the option to modify the sound levels or turn it off completely. Most gambling websites have sounds and music in their games, as seen on the Sun Bingo website. They have no sounds on the website until you start playing which is what you should strive for if you plan on making a similar website (or any kind of website for that matter).

If you have a website that doesn’t necessarily need sound, it might be a good idea to leave it out completely. Involuntary sounds are probably the worst design choice that exists regarding websites.
There’s another negative side to music. Well, if you don’t do such a thing it’s not negative but you get the gist of it. Whatever the case may be, don’t use loud sounds or aggressive music. This is not something any visitor likes and can only ruin your visitor traffic and respect.
In the end, music can be a knife with two edges. It can be extremely beneficial if you know how to utilize it, but it can also cause your website to crash-and-burn. It all comes down to personal taste but professional thought as well, because you aren’t making the website for yourself, you’re making it for everyone else so you need to know what your visitors like. The more information you know, the better everything will turn out for you so do research!

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