The 2016 Rio Olympic Games: Be Inspired

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The Olympics are in full swing and if you've been caught up in all the excitement of the Games in Rio you may be looking for ways to continue the sporting fun inbetween events, and after the Games have finished. Online sports games are an excellent way to maintain the excitement and with so many options available, from multi-player console games to online sport slots, you will be spoilt for choice.

Mario and Sonic The Olympic Games

If you are searching for a game that doesn't take itself too seriously, dive into the colourful world of Mario and Sonic the Olympic Games. Originally designed or the Wii and later available on the DS, this best selling game is a retro-game the whole family can enjoy.

Sega's Beijing 2008

With 40 events to choose from, this game gives you the chance to feel like an Olympian from the comfort of your own armchair. Like most console games based on the Olympics, this is a button-pushing bonanza coupled with analogue stick motion which will suit traditional gaming fans.

Red Flush Sports Selection

The sporting mood can hit you at any moment which is why it's great to be able to play sports games on the go, on your mobile tablet or other mobile device. Red Flush Casino has a fantastic selection of sports slots, including the football game, Shoot, Basketball Star and Rugby Star. These games also provide the added bonus of giving players the opportunity to earn some cash while they enjoying a range of fun games and you can even play free slot machines without making a real money deposit.

London 2012 for Sega

As the official game for the London 2012 Olympics, you can expect this to be pretty impressive and you won't be disappointed. Teeming with great events, players can enjoy aquatics, track and field, shooting gymnastics, beach volleyball, rowing, weightlifting, cycling and table tennis. When in party mode, many of the games are also compatible with Playstation Move and Xbox Kinect.

Fight Night Champion

Great graphics, an excellent storyline and the availability of deft moves make this game perfect for when you are in the mood for a good old fashioned virtual punch up. Moving on from Fight Night 4, this game ensures players can experience more moves, fancy footwork and a variety of modes that will keep you entertained and challenged for hours.

Vancouver 2010

If the summer games just aren't doing it for you, take a look at the winter Olympic events in Vancouver 2010. Compete against friends online or in the same room as you participate in thrilling events in a winter setting. The official game of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics features some of the games most popular events including speed skating, snowboarding, ski jumping, alpine skiing, sledding and freestyle skiing.

As you can see, there are plenty of games to suit all sporting tastes and there's nothing like a quick game or two to keep you occupied during your morning commute or while waiting for your favourite real life event to begin. The Olympic Games in Rio have proven exciting so far, so let's hope we don't have to wait too long to keep the sporting vibe going with the release of the official game.

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