Geek Culture: 4 Ways Paypal Has Made Geeking Out Even More Accessible

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From gaming made easy to Indie film funding, Pay Pal has helped to shape geeky culture as we know it. Whether you identify as a techy wonder geek or you nerd out on Game of Thrones trivia, the geek lifestyle is just a little bit better thanks to Pay Pal. Here's why....

Gaming Gurus: Mousepad Battling Made Easy
Mousepad Battling Made Easy
Pay Pal has made online gaming an instantaneous experience, from Pay Pal bingo games to live-action war matches, you no longer need to find the nearest paintball zone or bingo hall to get competitively geeky. Pay Pal helps you to game and gamble safely, allowing you to make a little extra money off of your geekiness without ever having to leave the house. Now that is what we call a real win/win.

Buy Used: Selling Comics to Buy More Comics
Selling Comics to Buy More Comics
The only acceptable reason to ever sell a great, old comic is simply to get the money to buy more great, old comic books. However, it can be incredibly hard to get the full worth amount on comics at local pawn stores and through newspaper ads. Products like this are just too much of a niche to truly be lucrative in the real world. However, Pay Pal has helped billions of comic book and tech lovers to sell their nerd swag online for large amounts even higher than they anticipated.

On the Go: Paying With Pay Pal In-Store
Paying With Pay Pal In Store
If you have ever sold any of your geek swag online, then you know that if you do not have a Pay Pal credit card that you must withdrawal money into your bank account or issue a check to make your Pay Pal funds usable in-store. While we never thought it was possible, Pay Pal is quickly becoming the preferred method of payment in IRL. With credit card nabbers getting more clever... it makes a whole lot of sense. Additionally, more and more vendors are accepting Pay Pal in person these days. This not only helps you to use money already in your Pay Pal fund but it also drives business through the roof for business owners... and that seems like more than enough reason for this trend to just keep on growing.

Crowdfunding: Donating to All Those Nerdy Causes
Donating to All Those Nerdy Causes
Crowdfunding has made becoming part of new startups and other geeky ventures just within reach. Pay Pal allows you to get behind a really great app, help to finance an Indie film you believe in or to raise money for your own worthy cause. Without Pay Pal, crowdfunding would be pretty scary considering the large amount of information leaks we have seen in the last couple of years. If you have never gotten on board with crowdfunding... now is the time to start that project you have been dreaming about and strike while the iron is hot.

From Pay Pal bingo to selling off valuable nerd swag, Pay Pal has changed the nerd game as we know it... and it shows no sign of stopping. Day after day, Pay Pal is changing the face of what it means to be a geek, making it easier and easier for us to connect with fellow nerds and discover how powerful we are.

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