Five Activities To Keep You Busy Over Summer Break

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Summer break is growing closer, and for those of you who are not going on vacation, the long summer break from college can be very long without some fun activities lined up for you to keep yourself occupied. Have a look at our list of the top five suggestions for fun activities that will keep you happy and busy throughout the college break.

Online games

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If you have lots of time to spare this summer, why not volunteer a few hours of your time every week? There are so many ways in which you can volunteer. If you are a people's person, volunteer at a local old age home, or orphanage. If you love animals; contact an animal shelter nearby and ask if you can help out walking the dogs –most places are in need of volunteers constantly. If there is a specific cause that is near and dear to your heart, have a look for an NGO that is relevant, and see if you can volunteer there.

Join a sports team

The sun is out, so why not join a social sports team? It is a good way to stay fit and active, and you will make some new friends too. Be it a beach volleyball team or a social soccer club go out there and get your body moving!

Online courses

Just because it is summer break it does not mean you have to shut down your brain completely! Have a look at the plethora of available online courses. Coursera offers free online courses that are highly recommended. These free courses are hosted by universities such as Duke, Stanford, John Hopkins University and many others too –so you know you are learning quality material. You can learn so many new things; everything from computer programming to photography!

Get creative

If there has been an arts or crafts project that you have always wanted to do but never had time for, do it this summer! There are so many creative projects you can do over the summer. Painting, knitting, restoring furniture, or scrapbooking –the limit is your imagination! If you are lacking in inspiration, Pinterest is full of great ideas for crafty and DIY projects for you to do and enjoy this summer.

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