Recreating Movie Scenes With Your Family

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Don't you just love those happy people that always have some funny ideas? Those kind of people seems like they are never bored, and you wish you had their minds just for one moment. Well here are some really funny guys that might make your day. Lilly and Leon decided to make their family time more interesting by recreating movie scenes in their home. The Cardboard Box Office is a project that they have started after moving to the different city, and have found themselves in the sea of cardboard and their "favorite domestic junk". Their son Orson is the star of the recreated movie scenes and he is only 10 months old! After moving, their lives drastically changed so they had to find a way to stay on track with each other. So there is a new recreated movie scene every week on their website, twitter and facebook.

Two of them are featured in each portrait in a supporting role, while Orson is a star. Costumes, props and sets are made entirely out of household items, toys and cardboard. These guy are sharing their world with us, and it's one hilarious world. All of the "family portraits" have the name, which is actually the name of the movie adapted to the actual scene that they were remaking. For example "Homemade Along" instead of "Home alone", and there you can see Lilly and Leon as Harry and Marv and Orson as Kevin McCallister making booby traps. You can actually see how baby is enjoying the attention, and them enjoying the role of amazing parents. He is one happy child with two awesome parents who made their lives way to interesting. Isn't it a fun and creative way to spend time with your family?

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