Some Legendary Black & White Photos Colorized

Added on Apr 16, 2012 / Category : Art / Comments

When you come across black and white photographs from the past, do you ever wonder what colors are meant to replace the varied shades of gray? Sweden-based artist Sanna Dullaway re-imagines photos from the past in vibrant, realistic hues. Not only is it impressive work by Sanna, but it's also mind boggling that you can actually restore the color in these photographs that were taking decades ago at a time when color was only to be enjoyed in the real world. The series features portraits of well-known people throughout history including Abraham Lincoln, Che Guevara, Albert Einstein, Anne Frank, and more.

"Using state-of-the-art technology and artistic talent, I will turn your black and white memories into vivid colour. Since each photo is unique and have a great emotional value it would be a perfect gift to colourize a family member's or friend's photo. No colourised photo can replace the original black and white picture, but each will give you a new persepective on how your grandparents and great-grandparents used to see the world. Rather than living in the misty grey world we usually see, the sun shone just as bright, if not more brightly, on them. If colour film were available, our grandparents would surely use it. When I add colour to a photo there is much more involved than simply painting the grass green. Cool shadows and warm highlights, reflection and radiosity must all be considered. Is the person in the picture old or young? Human skin comes in an entire spectrum of flesh tones that vary in saturation and hue not just between people, but across the surface of each person's skin. While old photos may seem to be missing data that must be "made up", they are often of very high quality and contain visual information and cues that help in the re-creation and which can be rescued from the ravages of time.", Sanna says.

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