What If Picasso Painted Superheroes?

Added on Jun 26, 2011 / Category : Art / Comments

We love comic books and superheroes and it's hard to explain why, however we could say that it's one of our first contacts with art, even though they are commercial. Now imagine if a famoust artist like Pablo Picasso were alive and decided to paint about superheroes? Thanks to artist Mike Esparza, we finally get to see the Man of Steel and other superheroes the way they were always meant to be seen as if painted by Picasso's Cubist style.

"I get a lot of my inspiration from comic books, movies, music and observing other artwork. When I paint, I tend to bend the rules a little, but try to keep my subject recognizable so the audience can still connect with it. Pablo Picasso is a great influence, I've always wondered if he were alive today, what would he paint? This past year I've had a lot of fun creating a superhero series with a Picasso style twist to them. I do have some super plans for creating more superhero artwork in the near future.", says Mike.

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