You Probably Never Seen Sneakers Used Like This

Added on Dec 04, 2010 / Category : Art / Comments

Sneakers... Every year people invest in at least one pair to grace their feet while they are doing their everyday chores. There are everything from running nike shoes to casual Friday sneakers. But, as always, I am not here to tell you how awesome ordinary sneakers are. I am going to tell you about the oddities of sneakers that you have never heard of. That is what we do here at Media Dump :)

Japanese stylist Mita Shiniti has a very impressive exhibition which just finished showing at Gallery Speak For in Tokyo entitled "Tenki". Consisting of installation and photographic works, the exhibition had an amazing collection of sculptures made from plain white deconstructed Nike Dunks. If you missed this show, check out the images below of Amazing Mita Shiniti "Tenki" works.

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